HIJACK was the inaugural ARC project and public event in the form of a 4-day residency at Artspace with artist Nikki Pugh, followed by a 2-day public experience on Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th September 2013.

During Nikki’s residency, the artist challenged assumptions about how people view and relate to the Artspace building, working with ARC bursary recipient Reece Kennedy to develop a series of small interactive interventions that posed the question “is it the people looking at the building or the building looking at the people?”. These playful installations inspired by the history of the Artspace building included a minature policeman’s disco, a hiding monkey and a tweeting kettle (!). Don’t believe us? See the building’s tweets by following @ArtspaceMonitor. For more information about Nikki Pugh see http://npugh.co.uk/

The HIJACK  event took place during Heritage Open Days and included artist-led tours of our work spaces and the famous 2-Tone basement.


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